We are only one "KOREAN BEAUTY SALON" in the entire Arab nation .We have 5 Korean Hair Stylist. We worked "JUNO HAIR=준오헤어" when we were in Korea . " JUNO HAIR " salon has been the leader in hair feshion past 30 years in Korea.Our unique haircut and color has set the hair fashion trend in Korea. We also became really famous for our expertise in permanent wave. your hair curly or straight, we are the world leader in permanent wave. We created many famous permanent wave styles. We are in thermal hair straightening also known as rebonding hair straight. Whether you want your own hairstyle or you want us to design the right hairstyle for you, you will be fully satisfied with our salons and our excellent hair designers

Opening Time : AM 10:00~ PM 9:00 -------------- Open Days : Saturday~Thursday

TEL: 04-3 3 5 8 0 4 2 ----- Mob : 050-1 5 2 9 4 9 3

Location : In front of Lamcy Plaza SALEH BIN Building Shop No. 8 Dubai UAE

------------------------------------<< item >>---------------------------------------

1. "Click" Digital Perm

2."Click " Natural Volume Rebounding(=Natural Volume Magic straightening)

3."Click"Rebounding (=Magic straightening)

4. "Click " Clear Setting Perm = Rebounding (=Magic straightening )+ Setting Perm

5. "Click" Basic Perm______________________________6. Design Perm

7. "Click" FullHair Color ,Roof Re-touch Color___________ _ _ ____8."Click " Hair Manicure

9.ClickFull Highlights , Half Highlight

10. Click Hair CUT , Children CUT ( Under 7 ) __________ ______11. Blow Dry

12. "Click " WEDDING Hair Style ______________ ____ _ ____13. "Click "Party Hair styles

14. LOREAL Professional Treatment.


♣ ريباودن .& ناتورال ريباود

 الشعر هو أول تعامل مع رغوي المتخصصة دعا بيرم 1 ,
 "التي تتسرب الى الشعر وقطع منحنى الشعر الأنسجة والحصر في الشعر مع استخدام الأصفاد المتخصصة شقة بينما تحمي الشعر من يستخدم \"بيرم 2 ، واستقامة حل\" دائم لقفل في استقامة. رغوي يساعد على تحسين عملية بيرم مع الحد من الأضرار في البشرة (الجلد الخارجي من الشعر

خلال عملية ماجيك على التوالى على بيرم ، وعمليات الإعدام خارج نطاق الرعاية والعلاج إما لأن هناك حاجة إلى فترة أطول من ضعف الوقت ، سوف حرارة مفرطة الضرر أو التوتر المزيد من الشعر.

* نحن نستخدم L' OEAR منتجات وJapen "MUCOTA" المنتج

For "REBOUNDING" , Hair is treated first with a specialized foamer called “Perm 1” ,
Which seep into the hair and cut off the curve hair tissue and straitening the hair with using the specialized flat irons while protecting the hair than uses “Perm 2, the straightening solution” to permanently lock in the straightness. The better foamer helps the process of the perm with reducing the damages of Cuticle (the outer skin of the hair)

During the process of the Magic Straight Perm, Extra care, and treatment is needed because either longer period of weakening time, excessive heat or tension will damage more hair.