We are only one "KOREAN BEAUTY SALON" in the entire Arab nation .We have 5 Korean Hair Stylist. We worked "JUNO HAIR=준오헤어" when we were in Korea . " JUNO HAIR " salon has been the leader in hair feshion past 30 years in Korea.Our unique haircut and color has set the hair fashion trend in Korea. We also became really famous for our expertise in permanent wave. your hair curly or straight, we are the world leader in permanent wave. We created many famous permanent wave styles. We are in thermal hair straightening also known as rebonding hair straight. Whether you want your own hairstyle or you want us to design the right hairstyle for you, you will be fully satisfied with our salons and our excellent hair designers

Opening Time : AM 10:00~ PM 9:00 -------------- Open Days : Saturday~Thursday

TEL: 04-3 3 5 8 0 4 2 ----- Mob : 050-1 5 2 9 4 9 3

Location : In front of Lamcy Plaza SALEH BIN Building Shop No. 8 Dubai UAE

------------------------------------<< item >>---------------------------------------

1. "Click" Digital Perm

2."Click " Natural Volume Rebounding(=Natural Volume Magic straightening)

3."Click"Rebounding (=Magic straightening)

4. "Click " Clear Setting Perm = Rebounding (=Magic straightening )+ Setting Perm

5. "Click" Basic Perm______________________________6. Design Perm

7. "Click" FullHair Color ,Roof Re-touch Color___________ _ _ ____8."Click " Hair Manicure

9.ClickFull Highlights , Half Highlight

10. Click Hair CUT , Children CUT ( Under 7 ) __________ ______11. Blow Dry

12. "Click " WEDDING Hair Style ______________ ____ _ ____13. "Click "Party Hair styles

14. LOREAL Professional Treatment.

JJ Project _ BOUNCE |korea new song

JJ Project _ BOUNCE

JJ Project‘s “Bounce” debut on last week’s round of music programs have earned the respect and praise of viewers and netizens alike.
Thanks to their stable live performances and dance skills, viewers claimed to be captivated by the boys’ ability to get the audience riled up and pumping to the beat right along with them. Considering that they’re just rookies, working in sync with the audience is remarkably difficult task to accomplish without experience.
Their pre-debut popularity is being carried over online, as their “Bounce” music video is already past hitting the two million views mark.
JYP Entertainment expressed, “We’d like to thank everyone that has given love and support towards JJ Project’s debut. We ask that you continue to support their promotions so that they can express their ‘JJ Project Endorphins’.”

G.NA - 2HOT |korea new song

G.NA - 2HOT |korea new song

Lately, G.NA has been reminds me of Phoebe from Friends….I don’t know why. And yes, if you ever wanted to know: G.NA really does look like this close-up. It’s not an optical illusion. We were standing almost shoulder to shoulder backstage at KPOP Masters and all that is 100% her. But back to the MV: So, if I start a fire (I do have a little pyro in me), firemen looking like THAT will show up and carry me away?! Where’s my matches……….

Baek Ji Young - Good Boy / 백지영 - 굿보이 / K - POP

Baek Ji Young - Good Boy / 백지영 - 굿보이 / K - POP 

The queen of ballads, Baek Ji Young, is ready to make her full come back with the release of her title track music video “Good Boy“.
The title song, “Good Boy“, has already been receiving a lot of attention for its collaboration with B2ST‘s skilled rapper, Junhyung. In “Good Boy”, Junhyung is the Bad Boy thinking lightly of a woman’s heart and has participated in the rap making and in the music video. He will be a reliable partner for Baek Ji Young’s comeback as he will be performing on stage with her as well.