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Hair Damage Factors الشعر العوامل الأضرار

Hair Damage Factors الشعر العوامل الأضرار 

Hair is one of important determiners for you to appear attractive or not. With your beautiful hair, you will easily appear better looking, arrange you hair, and change the style you want, so, it will build your confident. Moreover if your profession deals mostly with public affair that you should look attractive, it will be very pity if your hair is not in a good condition, although only one piece.

  • External Factors العوامل الخارجية

  • Internal factor  العوامل الخارجية

- External Factors العوامل الخارجية

1. Humid   الرطبة
:Hydrophilic properties of the water and hair have a friend.
  On the other hand,  the tighter the hair, or   when going out in wet conditions damage can be.

         الشعر له خصائص قريبة من المياه.
           ولكن مع الشعر الرطب
          وأكثر إحكاما من الشعر ، أو عند الخروج في الظروف الرطبة
         يمكن إلحاق الضرر.

2. Friction الاحتكاك
 : Brushing your hair is too dry or too much hair that when it binds friction and stimulate the banding too hard to accept the cuticle is damaged and not flaky.

3. Cooling تبريد
: Air conditioning the skin and hair become dry evaporate the moisture to quickly.

4. sweat  عرق
:Sweat secretion in our bodies, as well as scalp hair is a lot easier getting dirty ,sweat evaporates moisture will remain in the salt .This makes your hair dry and unstable.

5. changing color frequently
: The   heath of your hair is slightly acidic. Perm  and    frequent hair dye that makes  the alkaline. Even a small stimulation of alkaline hair is easily damaged .

6. overheat blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron.

7. chemical  using

  - Environmental Factor

1. Air pollution, water pollution
:   Especially polluted water used to rinse your hair, swmming in unhealthy water such as in the sea or in the chlorine contaminated water

2.  UV   الأشعة فوق البنفسجية
:  UV light is not good for the skin that everyone knows it's true. However, ultraviolet light in your hair to avoid enemy.Intense ultraviolet light destroys the protein in the hair. Gloss is easy to become crumbly.

  لأشعة فوق البنفسجية ليست جيدة للبشرة أن الجميع يعلمون أنه صحيح
   ومع ذلك ، الضوء فوق البنفسجي في شعرك لتجنب العدو.
   كثافة الأشعة فوق البنفسجية تقضي على البروتين في الشعر.
    معان من السهل أن يصبح متفتت

3. Disease Factor

: There are some diseases that can damage hair beauty such as fever,
             head skin problem, cancer, stress, etc. The chronic disease like cancer can cause permanently bald headed.  That is why you should always keep your health so that your hair grows well.

4. Nutrition Factor

: Fatty, too hot, and under nutritious food will badly affect the beauty of   your hair. So, you should consume a lot of nutritious foods to have healthy hair.