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Blackpink 'Shut Down" wrote a new history |Kpop_Korean new song,

  Blackpink 'Shut Down" wrote a new history 

|Kpop_Korean new song,

Blackpink  wrote a new history of K-pop by taking first place in the world's two largest charts, the US' Billboard 200 and the UK's 'Official Album Chart'! It is the first Asian female artist to dominate both charts at the same time, and it is the first achievement achieved by a female group in the world since Destiny Child in 21 years.

Pay attention to the new records they will write in the future, who have proven to be the best in the field that cannot be compared with the number of currently 81.8 million YouTube subscribers, 33 billion-view videos and 26.9 billion cumulative views!

법대로 사랑하라 The Law Cafe | Korean_new_drama

 법대로 사랑하라 The Law Cafe 

| Korean_new_drama


Kim Jung-Ho (Lee Seung-Gi) is an extremely smart man. He used to work as a prosecutor, but, due to his father’s corruption scandal, he quit his job. He has been unemployed since that time. He owns a building and lives off the rent collected, while also living on the rooftop of the building. Kim Jung-Ho is good friends with Kim Yoo-Ri (Lee Se-Young). They have been friends since they were high school students about 17 years ago. Kim Jung-Ho has held a crush on Kim Yoo-Ri for a long time.

Kim Yoo-Ri is a beautiful and smart woman. She is also driven by justice. Due to a past experience with a guy, she has decided to stay single for the rest of her life. She works as a lawyer for a big law firm, but, one day, Kim Yoo-Ri quits her job. She then opens "Law Cafe" in the building that Kim Jung-Ho owns. The cafe serves coffee and legal advise. Anyone can stop by and drink coffee or get legal counseling.


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