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BEAST - 'Beautiful Night' 아름다운 밤이야 | korean new song

BEAST - 'Beautiful Night' 아름다운 밤이야

Group BEAST made a complete transformation with their title song "Beautiful Night" and ranked first place as soon as it was released.
As soon as it was released, "Beautiful Night" placed first on Melon, Mnet, Soribada, Naver Music, and made a sucessful comeback. Their other songs in the album also was top ranked.
New song writer Goodnight-Sleep Well and BEAST have perfectly collaborated on "Beautiful Night," with it's electronic synth-pop and dynamic feeling that portrayed a great harmony.
After BEAST released the music video of their title song, "Beautiful Night," they received an enormous amount of attention from domestic and foreign fans.
The music video for "Beautiful Night" was all filmed in New York. In the MV, BEAST is partying throughout the day and night in the exotic and free atmosphere that New York portrays.

Jang Woo Young 2PM (장우영) "SEXY LADY" | korean new song

Jang Woo Young (장우영) "SEXY LADY"

Jang Woo-young, one of 2PM’s main dancers and lead vocalists, released his debut solo album titled 23, Male, Single on July 8th. The album consists of seven songs, two of which had composition and lyrical input from fellow 2PM members: “DJ Got Me Goin’ Crazy” by Jun. K–also known as Junsu–and “Be With You” by Junho. The title track, “Sexy Lady,” has lyrics and composition by JYP himself, which is no surprise.

2NE1 - I LOVE YOU | korean new song


The newly evolving 2NE1, who will embark on their first ever global tour,will finally release a new single titled "I LOVE YOU."

The new single, an electro-pop genre music, is another masterpiece producedby Teddy that will feature:

NEW SOUND - A East meets West style of music that will deliver themysterious sound,NEW MELODY - A melody that listeners will never forget,NEW LYRICS - First time 2NE1 will be singing a sweet love song,NEW VOICE - 2NE1's new voice that matches perfectly with the new melody andlyrics, andNEW PERFORMANCE - 2NE1's blockbuster performance that is certain to providepleasure to 2NE1 fans around the world.

ZE:A - Aftermath - 후유증 |korean new song

ZE:A - Aftermath - 후유증 |korean new song

After touring six cities for their ‘Fighting Project!‘, the boys of ZE:A have finally returned with their second album, ‘Spectacular‘ along with the music video for their title track “Aftermath“!
Main vocalist Kevin demonstrates his vocal growth in their title track while Minwoo transforms into a rapper for their song about the aftereffects of a difficult break up.
Check out the music video for “Aftermath” below!

T-ARA (티아라) - DAY BY DAY |korean new song

T-ARA (티아라) - DAY BY DAY

A girl-group that suits the words "Funky & Cute" the most! T-ara, with fans nationwide encompassing gender and age, is back in 9 months with their mini-album [DAY BY DAY].
Having risen to the mainstream of the Korean Wave with their concerts in Thailand and Japan, T-ara is ready to meet their fans in an upgraded fashion with their new members Dani, and Ahreum.

T-ara reveals a more mature side with the title song "Day By Day", co-composed by Cho Young-Soo and Kim Tae-Hyun and the lyrics written by Ahn Young-Min.
Moreover, Hwayoung's subtle rap in the beginning has somewhat wild but poetic lyrics in a boyish tone, claiming "the end of love is like a dark tunnel" and "the end of a crazy love at the brink of a cliff shaking continuously infected to a persistent love". During the recording process, Hwayoung openly shared ideas with the lyricist to find rhymes and melodic lines that suited her. The expression and voice of the members, maturing as time goes by, are starting to bring out T-ara's musical colors. A perfect "Day by Day" was rendered through the refreshing and new vocals of the new member Ahreum and the work of Jonte Moaning, who also choreographed Beyonce's "Single Ladies".

Super Junior슈퍼쥬니어 Sexy Free Single | korean new song

Super Junior슈퍼쥬니어 Sexy Free Single | korean new song

SM officially released the 6th album of Super Junior through the Korean Music Sites. All the ELF, after the wait for 11 months, rapidly download their songs and keep watch their MV Teaser on SMTOWN official channel on YouTube. This the new record, because the other MV Teaser (from another group) never get almost 1 million viewers only in three days.