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Korean singer Miss A new title " touch"

“Touch” has an electronic-like melody which gives off mysterious and unearthly vibes, definitely a new concept many are praising the girls for, and is, as one netizen mentioned, “musically interesting”. However, perhaps it’s due to the exposure to the norm of upbeat kpop songs, that many netizens also voiced: ” The song is the type where you dont like it at first, and then the more you listen to it, the bettter it gets..” The members of miss A pulled off their new and interesting look and gave the song a refreshing feel. Also, in the m/v, miss A performed an eerie and purposely choppy-like dance in which some netizens dubbed as the “mummy dance”. Watch it for yourself below!


Secret’s leader Hyosung Hair Color| Korean style

Secret’s leader Hyosung Hair Color


BIG BANG (빅뱅) - BLUE |korea new song


Big Bang is back and “Blue” (not literally, but it just might be the case with T.O.P’s hair…)! It’s been said that they will promote all 6 songs in their new album “Alive”, and unleashed the music video of “Blue” ahead of the album’s set release date (Feb 29) to increase the anticipation for the boys’ comeback. The song “Blue” begins with a mellow and sad-sounding piano riff that is joined by some gentle acoustic guitar strumming. The vibe this song gives off and the message of accepting loss is the perfect song for Big Bang to start with in their comeback ever since the hardships the group faced in 2011.

EXID Whoz that girl|korea new song

EXID Whoz that girl |korea new song

Rookies EXID, Shinsadong Tiger’s girl group, made their debut with “Whoz That Girl”. This song was released on February 16th and is part of the girls’ debut single, ‘Holla‘, which is made up of two tracks (the second track is “I Do“). Their fun music video showed each of the members haunting and driving a boyfriend who did them wrong to the brink of insanity. The M/V cleverly featured each of the girl’s talents, especially with their epic dance break in the middle of the video

“Whoz That Girl” has a R&B plus pop vibe paired up with smooth and effortless vocals, shown especially in the catchy chorus. However, many mentioned how the members looked like girls from other kpop groups. One netizen commented, “There is a lack of originality. The problem I think a lot of people have with this group is that they LOOK just like clones of others. Two girls look like SNSD Yuri and Yoona look-a-likes, one girl looks like Kim Tae Hee. Another girl of course looks like 2NE1′s CL and another kinda reminds me of Hyuna from 4Minute” while another said, “I don’t care who they look like; every person has their own personality, and we’ll just have to wait and see what their’s is. Besides, I like their song!” These girls held their own in terms of vocals and stage presence; check out the M/V below!

SunnyHill(써니힐) _ The Grasshopper Song(베짱이 찬가) |kore new song

SunnyHill(써니힐) _ The Grasshopper Song(베짱이 찬가)

Talented pop quintet Sunny Hill have just released their new single album, ‘The Grasshoppers‘.

Comprised of three tracks, the group will be promoting “The Grasshopper Song” as their main song. “Bad Guy” has groovy bebop influence, while “Hide and Seek” plays with a futuristic sound. The lead song, amusingly enough, incorporates a violin as a tip of the hat to the Aesop’s Fable character who inspired their lyrics.

Let This Die (너 따윈 버리고) Lyrics – Brian Joo (브라이언)|korea new song

Let This Die (너 따윈 버리고) Lyrics – Brian Joo (브라이언)

Brian Joo‘s new album truly shows that he has been ‘Reborn‘. His lead track from this new album (Reborn Part 1) is “Let This Die”, showcasing a catchy piano riff that resounds throughout the whole song, accompaning Brian Joo’s soothing voice and the Jamaican-like melody for the rap. There are two versions: the regular Korean one featuring reknown artist Tiger JK, while the extended English version features Flowsik from Aziatix (both songs shown below). One of the top comments for the music video read, “Wow this song is phenomenal, and I’m not a big slow music or ballads guy” while another netizen said, “”…Hearing songs like this is like a breath of fresh air! Away from mainstream kpop songs…”

B.A.P - WARRIOR (워리어) |korea new song

B.A.P - WARRIOR (워리어)

B.A.P. (Best, Absolute, Perfect), the “rookie” boy group (associated with their “mascot”, the warrior bunnies as shown above) finally releases their debut song, “Warrior” with a powerful and well done music video (below). Many netizens questioned the “newbiness” of these boys as they delivered an effective m/v with a great song that showcased each of their talents individually, both in the video and in the song.

INTENSE, POWERFUL, FIERCE, STRONG, AMAZING = the words to describe the MV and their debut song!

B.A.P’s tough concept is sure to please in performances.


Led apple(레드애플) Time is up (타임즈업_시간이 없어)|korea new song

Led apple(레드애플) Time is up (타임즈업_시간이 없어)

미료(MIRYO) 'DIRTY'|korea new song


Brown Eyed Girl’s Miryo releases her debut solo music video for her lead song, “Dirty“, from the 1st solo album, ‘Miryo aka Johoney‘. The M/V showcased haunting visuals set in a psychiatric ward. Miryo acts as a girl who has psychic abilities that she uses to cause chaos in the institution that keeps her locked down. A netizen voiced most of the others’ opinions, saying, “[Miryo] left me stunned… The middle finger and butt-slapping. [Such a] troll, too. Just when I was expecting something scary, I saw [that] it was pretty funny, but really entertaining!” Get yourself some butt-whooping and your share of buff men in the music video below!

BEAST (비스트) / B2ST - I Knew It (이럴 줄 알았어)|korea new song

BEAST (비스트) / B2ST - I Knew It (이럴 줄 알았어) 

Idol group B2ST have just released their digital single, I Knew It“!
It’s the first new song from B2ST since their 2011 album, ‘Fiction and Fact‘.
The medium-tempo ballad perfectly blends the sounds of acoustic
guitar with the rich harmony of the boys’ vocals.

Block B - Nanrina (Go Crazy/난리나)|korean song

Block B - Nanrina (Go Crazy/난리나)

Block B is back with a swag-gastic M/V for their main song, “Nanrina“! This seven-member hip hop group transformed into stylish troublemakers, who scuffle on rooftops and cause a lively ruckus. It’s been reported that member Zico composed all the songs in Block B’s new album, which will be officially released on Feb 2. Many commented on the “teams” in the M/V saying things like, “I love how the Black Dragon team is like the sexy and sophisticated team and the Red Tiger team is like the sexy and gangsta team.” , and “I feel so protected by these two gangs: team black dragon and team red tiger, and I ain’t gonna choose between the two!!“, while another netizen hilariously mentioned, “LOL everyone is acting like a bad boy and then you see Taeil there all cutesy and stuff…“

F.T. Island (FT 아일랜드)-Severely (지독하게) |KOREAN NEW SONG

F.T. Island (FT 아일랜드)-Severely (지독하게)

F.T. Island is indeed all “Grown-Up” in their 4th mini-album with “Severely” as their title track (M/V shown below). Member Lee Hongki plays the leading role as a lover were the audience is introduced to Lee Hongki’s character at a funeral parlour, grieving over his dead girlfriend. He hurries out, only to meet a girl who looks just like her, and viewers realize that he has been gifted with (the reversal of) “time”… How will Hongki make use of this miracle, and will he succeed?

SE7EN - 내가 노래를 못해도 (When I Can't Sing) |koean new song

SE7EN - 내가 노래를 못해도 (When I Can't Sing)

R&B solo sensation Se7en makes his long awaited Korean comeback with the mid-tempo “When I Can’t Sing.” Produced by none other than J.Y. Park, the smooth track marks the first joint-production effort by YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. Se7en delivers an engaging and heartfelt performance, asking fans the question many artists wonder from time to time – regardless of where the singer’s career ends up, will his fans always love and support him? Well, Lucky 7s will tell you that the answer is quite obvious.