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'Shine or Go Crazy' 빛나거나 미치거나 | korean new drama

'Shine or Go Crazy' 빛나거나 미치거나 | korean new drama

Wang So (Jang Hyuk) is the Prince of Goryeo. He had a lonely childhood, due to his cursed fate. As he grew up, he realized his talent to become a King. Wang So looks bright, but he has a wounded mind. One day, he meets Shin Yool (Oh Yeon-Seo), who is the Last Princess of Balhae. She was born with the fate of becoming the light for another country. Because of her fate, she faces death. Through a one night marriage, Wang So and Shin Yool become connected and grow to love each other.



What's difference REBOUNDING & NATURAL VOLUME REBOUNDING | |korean salon

صالون لدينا لديهم أنواع من 2 استقامة.
Our salon have a 2 types of Straightening.

1.ريباودن . = REBOUNDING

1.ريباودن = REBOUNING

  :  الشعر هو حقا يلمع ، وحقا على التوالى بانخفاض.
        The hair is really shine , and really straight down .

ولكن عندما تريد ضربة الجافة ، وأنه ليس من السهل أو لا بقاء لفترة اطول.
أيضا ، أنها ليست جيدة لcoustomer الذين ليس لديهم الكثير من الشعر
، أو الذين لديهم شعر رقيق

* But when you want to blow dry , it isn’t easy or isn’t stay longer .
Also , it is not good for the coustomer who don’t have a lots of hair
or , who have a thin hair . REBOUNDING & NATURAL VOLUME REBOUNDING |  |korean salon

2.ناتورال ريباود = Natural Volume Rebounding

1. يلمع   Shine .
2. فقد بلغ حجم الطبيعية.  It has natural volume .
3. من السهل ادارتها.  Easy to manage .
4. ممكن لموجة تجفيفه  Possible to Wave Blow Dry


♣   ريباودن .& ناتورال ريباود

     " ( الشعر هو أول تعامل مع رغوي متخصصة تسمى "بيرم (1,
          التي تتسرب الى الشعر وقطع منحنى الشعر الأنسجة والحصر في الشعر مع استخدام الأصفاد المتخصصة شقة بينما تحمي الشعر من يستخدم "بيرم 2 ، واستقامة حل" دائم لقفل في استقامة
   رغوي يساعد على تحسين عملية بيرم مع الحد من الأضرار في البشرة (الجلد الخارجي من الشعر)

خلال عملية للانتعاش ، الإعدام خارج نطاق الرعاية والعلاج إما لأن هناك حاجة إلى فترة أطول من ضعف الوقت ، سوف حرارة مفرطة الضرر أو التوتر المزيد من الشعر.

♣ For REBOUNDING , Hair is treated first with a specialized foamer called “Perm 1” ,
Which seep into the hair and cut off the curve hair tissue and straitening the hair with using the specialized flat irons while protecting the hair than uses “Perm 2, the straightening solution ” to permanently lock in the straightness.
The better foamer helps the process of the perm with reducing the damages of Cuticle (the outer skin of the hair)

During the process of the REBOUNDING, Extra care, and treatment is needed because either longer period of weakening time, excessive heat or tension will damage more hair.

Kill Me, Heal Me | korean new drama

Kill Me, Heal Me | korean new drama

Plot :
A love story between the son from a wealthy family who has 7 personalities and a 1st year female resident who becomes a secret doctor for him.