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Destined with You이 연애는 불가항력 | Korean_new_drama

 Destined with You 이 연애는 불가항력 

Lee Hong Jo is the lowest grade civil servant. She always does her best at work, even though she suffers from many civil complaints. In her personal life, she is used to being alone. One day, she happens to become the owner of an old wooden chest and the key to lift a curse from Jang Shin Yu. Jang Shin Yu is a competent lawyer who is smart and good-looking. He is usually in the spotlight wherever he goes, but he suffers from an unexplained disease. His condition gets progressively worse. He is desperate to lift the curse that has run through his family for generations. A lawyer bound by a centuries-old curse becomes entangled with a civil servant who holds the key to his freedom — igniting an unexpected romance.

Behind Your Touch 힙하게 | Korean_new_drama

 Behind Your Touch 힙하게


Bong Ye-Bun (Han Ji-Min) works as a veterinarian in the peaceful and crime free rural village of Mujin. She also possesses a psychometry superpower. When she touches the rear end of a person or animal, she is able to see into their past. She is a warm hearted person who is meddlesome. While she is experimenting how far her powers can go, she gets involved with Detective Moon Jang-Yeol (Lee Min-Ki). Moon Jang-Yeol was a hotshot detective on the violent crime investigation team in Seoul, but he was demoted to the small police station in Mujin. He struggles to get back to the police department in Seoul. To obtain his transfer, he uses Bong Ye-Bun’s special psychometry superpower. They work together on small cases in Mujin, but a serial murder case suddenly takes place.

Meanwhile, Kim Sun-Woo (Suho), who suddenly appeared at Mujin, works part-time at a convenience store in the village. He has a naive and tender smile, while he treats other people with kindness. But, he is also a mysterious figure.

The Killing Vote 국민사형투표 | Korean_new_drama

 The Killing Vote 국민사형투표

Plot Synopsis

Dog Mask's identity is unknown. When heinous criminals avoid punishment from the law, all citizens over 18 years old receive a text message polling them on whether that person should receive the death penalty. If more than 50% respond in favor of the death penalty, that person is killed by Dog Mask. Meanwhile, the police chase after Dog Mask and three people become involved.

Kim Moo-Chan (Park Hae-Jin) is the leader of the First Investigation Team at the Southern Police Agency. He only cares about his career at the police agency.

Kwon Seok-Joo (Park Sung-Woong) used to be a famous legal scholar, but he killed the rapist who attacked his young daughter and then turned himself in to the police. He is now in prison and he is called Professor by the other prisoners.

Joo Hyun (Lim Ji-Yeon) is a police officer who has worked at the Cyber Safety Bureau at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for 5 years.

My Dearest연인 | Korean_new_drama

 My Dearest연인 

Plot Synopsis

Set during a Joseon period where people went through severe hardship due to the Qing invasion (Jan. 3, 1637 to Feb. 24, 1637). A love story blooms during that time.

Lee Jang-Hyun (Namkoong Min) is a mysterious man who suddenly appears in society circles. He appears to be a cheerful person, but in fact he is not. He is a complex person with a deep and dark secret that he can't reveal to anyone. A woman named Yoo Gil-Chae (Ahn Eun-Jin) appears in front of him and his life changes. Yoo Gil-Chae is the daughter of noble a family. She is a lovely woman, brimming with confidence. While experiencing the upheaval caused by the Qing invasion and falling in love with Lee Jang-Hyun, she grows as a person.