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Love Rain사랑비 | korea new drama

Love Rain사랑비  | korea new drama

Looks like they’re taking the title literally for Love Rain, with series leads Jang Geun-seok and Yoon-ah meeting in the rain in the above still.
The multigenerational “premium melodrama” from melo king PD Yoon Seok-ho (he of the Season dramas) has already pre-sold to Japan, no doubt owing a lot of its hype to the two stars, both of whom have heightened profiles abroad as well as home. The drama has been filming since September, starting with the earlier 1970s period; it’ll then cover the following decades and resume with their children’s generation. The analog-versus-digital dichotomy is one of the main motifs, in addition to the youthful-love-and-angst melo plots we’ve come to expect from PD Yoon.
The drama is planning for an early 2012 broadcast, which means a good amount of it will be pre-shot. That’s probably for the better; it’s hard to maintain “premium” levels of quality when you’re mired deep in the live shoot.