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법대로 사랑하라 The Law Cafe | Korean_new_drama

 법대로 사랑하라 The Law Cafe 

| Korean_new_drama


Kim Jung-Ho (Lee Seung-Gi) is an extremely smart man. He used to work as a prosecutor, but, due to his father’s corruption scandal, he quit his job. He has been unemployed since that time. He owns a building and lives off the rent collected, while also living on the rooftop of the building. Kim Jung-Ho is good friends with Kim Yoo-Ri (Lee Se-Young). They have been friends since they were high school students about 17 years ago. Kim Jung-Ho has held a crush on Kim Yoo-Ri for a long time.

Kim Yoo-Ri is a beautiful and smart woman. She is also driven by justice. Due to a past experience with a guy, she has decided to stay single for the rest of her life. She works as a lawyer for a big law firm, but, one day, Kim Yoo-Ri quits her job. She then opens "Law Cafe" in the building that Kim Jung-Ho owns. The cafe serves coffee and legal advise. Anyone can stop by and drink coffee or get legal counseling.