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US MTV, Seulgi's '28 Reasons' attention | Kpop_Korean new song,

 SEULGI 슬기 '28 Reasons (Red Velvet )

 | Kpop_Korean new song

American music media pay attention

Red Velvet Seulgi's first solo album title song '28 Reasons' received the attention of MTV in the US.

MTV, a major American music media, published an article on 'Bop Shop' on October 7 (local time) and selected Seulgi's solo debut song '28 Reasons' as one of the main songs. showed great interest

MTV said, "Seulgi goes deep into her soul with '28 Reasons' and embarks on her journey to the dark side. Lyrically examining the human psychology, it depicts the way good and evil coexist and the dangerous tightrope we walk as a result.”

He added, “‘28Reasons’ features an electronic bass melody and Seulgi’s unique sweet and sexy vocals side by side.

In addition, "Seulgi shows tremendous depth as an artist with her explosive creativity with '28 Reasons'. ‘28 Reasons’ is one of the best songs released in 2022.”

In addition, the performance video of '28 Reasons', which was released through the YouTube Red Velvet channel at 0 o'clock on the 10th, caught our attention because it was possible to meet all of Seulgi's elegant charms and a unique performance that contains both restrained intensity.

This '28 Reasons' performance adds to the fun of watching the choreography with a seductive atmosphere and the colorful choreography that showcases Seulgi's delicate expressive power, such as hand movements that make the number 28 according to the chorus lyrics.