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Let This Die (너 따윈 버리고) Lyrics – Brian Joo (브라이언)|korea new song

Let This Die (너 따윈 버리고) Lyrics – Brian Joo (브라이언)

Brian Joo‘s new album truly shows that he has been ‘Reborn‘. His lead track from this new album (Reborn Part 1) is “Let This Die”, showcasing a catchy piano riff that resounds throughout the whole song, accompaning Brian Joo’s soothing voice and the Jamaican-like melody for the rap. There are two versions: the regular Korean one featuring reknown artist Tiger JK, while the extended English version features Flowsik from Aziatix (both songs shown below). One of the top comments for the music video read, “Wow this song is phenomenal, and I’m not a big slow music or ballads guy” while another netizen said, “”…Hearing songs like this is like a breath of fresh air! Away from mainstream kpop songs…”